Talking about the next Doctor

If you wonder why I’m talking English now, let me explain it first: The last time I wrote something about Doctor Who and tagged it, 5 guys from the UK came to my Blog. I’m afraid they didn’t understand a word. Therefore I’m writing this now in English. So, hello guys from the UK. See you on thursday!

The last days I’ve been thinking about who could become the 12th Doctor and who not. First I have to say: I’m German and I’ve just started experiencing the Who-Univeverse. I apalogize for all my misplaced comments and my missing profound knowledge.

So my first suggestion is Jason Flemyng. Jason Flemyng is the guy who played Azazel in X-Men: First Class, the father of Benjamin Button or Danny Quinn in Primeval. Not really sure why but I think he could be a perfect Doctor.

Then we’ve got Henry Ian Cusick. Yep, that’s the guy from Lost who says all the time „Brotha“ or „Penny“. Why him? Well, on twitter he remarked that he would like to be the 12th one and I just thought: Why not? He’s a great actor and was one of my favourites from Lost.

When I google „Who could be the next Doctor“ I find so many reactions and different wishes. The next Doctor could be a woman. I’m not sure. I mean … really? I’m definitely not sure about that. I would like it if the next one is an unknown actor like Matt Smith was. But who knows. I’ve just read that the next Doctor could be revealed next month. I’m excited.

And to bridge the time of waiting: Take a look at my Doctor Who pins at pinterest.

Here’s a nice video about Nine & Rose. Spoilers ahead (for all those who don’t know what I’m talking about and wanna find it our on their own). Don’t watch it if you don’t watched season 1 yet.


Ein Gedanke zu “Talking about the next Doctor

  1. Nice thougt to post in english. Not from the UK but from Germany, anyway i will join you in language. (-;
    I stopped thinking about who could follow Matt Smith because, as you mentionend, I would prefer an unknown actor… and so I’m far from any suggestions. But… if the next Doctor should be a woman, I would definitely carry on watching if it is Rose Leslie, who play Ygritte in Game of Thrones!

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